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UWin Nanotech Rooted in Green Chemistry and Waste Reduction Concepts




Uwin Nanotech Rooted in Green Chemistry and Waste Reduction Concepts





TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwan is striving to implement the United Nations‘ global sustainable development objectives for 2030, and in order to increase the understanding of green chemistry and waste reduction spirit among high school and middle school students, Uwin Nanotech is assisting the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) to jointly host the “High School and Middle School Green Chemistry Innovation Competition” every two years in order to take practical action to support the development of green chemistry in Taiwan.



“The Circular economy is a triangle with culture and education at the top level,“ said Kenny Hsu, Managing Director of UWin Nanotech. “And the technology is different every two or three years. In the past who could have imagined that the people of today would have a hand-held machines that could connect to the Internet? It is difficult to say how technology will change in the future.“



He explained that business models are the lowest level of the circular economy, and the middle level is still corporate social responsibility and cultural innovation. At the top level is, in his words, “things that can be passed down for 2000 years to 5000 years."



To this end, Uwin Nanotech is promoting green chemistry concepts on campuses and sponsoring national intercollegiate competitions.



Kenny Hsu stated that he and the MOE and EPA Ministers hold the same view that the the goal of the competition is not to awarded prize, but rather to enable green chemistry topics to ferment on the high school and middle school end and for them to brainstorm ways to solve points of difficulty. Furthermore, the competition should present the infinite possibilities of green chemistry guided by the 12 principles of green chemistry.



Uwin Nanotech is engaged in environmentally-friendly recycling solutions for precious metals and is Taiwan‘s only extraction technology provider for precious metals and rare earth metals which has adopted environmentally friendly green chemical processes. Furthermore, their most significant characteristic is not utilizing toxic materials to obtain precious metals while also reducing harm to the environment and employees.



The flagship UW-860 is a type of environmentally-friendly and non-toxic gold stripping solution which can quickly and efficiently separate gold from ore by utilizing a method which is neither harmful to human health nor to the environment.



In addition, Uwin Nanotech‘s solution employs an automated and soaking-style recycling process which can not only be utilized to process gold but also carry out palladium recycling. Their soaking-style patented palladium gold stripping prescription can be utilized to rapidly strip out palladium in the soaking solution to obtain high-purity palladium metal.